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Walk in Athos
Feels like you've really been there!
Walk around monasteries, experience the panoramic views, and the natural sound of the enviroment.

Please note that the above is a presentation of the program and not what actually you see when you run it,
for example the “walking man” not exist in the actual program we just symbolize the user of the presentation.
Click on the screenshots to get an idea of the environment of the program.


Mount Athos, established in the seventh century, comprises 20 monasteries and a number of cloisters representing all the orthodox churches of Europe. Today it is the only territory on the European continent which forbids the entry of women.

Now the interactive environment of the Mount Athos 6 CDs collection allows you to experience he holiness and learn the history of each of the monasteries, using the tailored made maps and the interactive guide book.

Feels like really walk inside monasteries using the full interactive program of 6 CDs set. The photos above are just few of the 5000 that used and is only a presentation of photos and not of the interactivity of the program.

SEE - unique and authentic photos and panoramic views (360 degree) from the Holy Monasteries.

HEAR - natural sounds and psalmody from monasteries.

EXPLORE - the Mount Athos. Find the maps and the books in each monastery to learn more about Mount Athos and the history of the monasteries.

See - Hear - Explore and you will feel as if you having a walk in Athos.

The Cd's collection include a help readme to show you how to navigete through the photos and panoramic views. You will also find signs in the photos. So the walk in athos becoume simple, unique and entertaining. Please note that this series doesn't include the Holy Monasteries of Zografou, Hilandariou, and Esfigmenou, how ever include the maps of these monasteries and includes other sites from Mount Athos.

Product Details

Works on Intel base computer (or compatible) that can run MS Windows
Number of Discs: 6 CD Rom multimedia presentation
Easy menu and navigation
Natural sounds while walking
Information for each monastery
3d graphics, scenes
many Panoramic views inside all monasteries
The Maps for all the monasteries
Book with information of all the monasteries (more than 20)
hundreds of photos
Multiple screen resolution: 640x480,800x600,1024x768
Help inside program
free software updates and support

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Walk in Athos
6 CD-Roms multimedia presentation
Platform:Windows 98se/2000/XP
in English Language

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